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Chand Chourah, Punjab National Bank, Gaya
Mon - Sun : 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
+91 8507486388


Welcome to Pind Daan Gaya

Sharaddh Karma

We provide services for all kinds of Pind Daan in Gaya  (Shraadh in Gaya), Vishnu Pooja and Dosh Nivaran Pooja and covered of 54 vedies in Virahd Shraadh by Pind Daan gaya.


To bring salvation to departed souls, Pind-daan is a mandatory thing for all Hindus and Hinduism followers. It is believed that no work can be successfully performed without the blessing of ancestors and doing of Pind Daan.

Pitru Dosh Nivaran

we perform Pitra Dosh Nivaran Puja on your behalf as per Vedic rituals. The puja will include Pitra Aradhana, mantra jaap, tarpan, offering of food to eight Brahmins, donation to Brahmins (clothes and money).

Pilgrimage Tour

We offer you a few of the most popular spiritual trips of India. These trip grants the visitors a fascinating experience that they will remember for many, many years. We render the pilgrims with impeccable services to make their holy trip a comfortable one.


Lodging or Fooding a holiday accommodation is a type of residential accommodation. People who travel and stay away from home for more than a day need lodging for sleep, rest, food, safety, shelter from cold temperatures or rain, storage of luggage and access to common household functions. Lodgings may be self-catering, …

Other Rituals

Holy Voyages offers of Shradh and Pind Daan packages in the peak Pitru Paksha season for the performance of Shradh and Pind Daan rituals in Gaya ji. This package includes Panda and other Shradh and Pind Daan.